Napoleon Da Legend – Slash Lyrics

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Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1]
Infinite respect slash beat ya gimmicks to death The crowd claps before i finish a breath the benefactor
Slash been a vet slash young max the benefit
Slash been a threat slash beat ya to ya deficit
Slash better than slash ya favorite rapper
Slash doing major damages spray the cannon
Slash Peyton manning
Bullet pass peep the bulletin slash Pulitzer
Slash did it To the fullest never what I could have done
Slash epic Abode Flash slash edit
Slash ghostwriter slash you need add me to the credits
Slash I said it was before slash don’t worry kid its paid for
Slash I cook that fire but the line stay raw
Slash grenade slash one man army brigade
Slash green beret no doubt I’d still smash Lisa Ray
Slash piece of cake slash automatic
Slash asthmatic slash half these rappers is ass backwards
Slash Ghengis slash Alexander slash candor
Slash all the slander slash opposite of propaganda
Slash champion slash I shit bangers in my sleep
Kenny Anderson slash I be handing em a seat
Slash Petrovic slash rudeness mixed with etiquette
Slash player president and all the exceteras
Slash multi million dollar settlement slash Benjamin
Slash symbol of hope for those in tenements it’s Po yall

Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2]
The black sheep they couldn’t black ball Slash hacksaw
Rap sport shooting lay ups from the half court
Slash more slash gravity defyer
Too savvy for a liar throw a salad in the fryer
Underground rapper but might see me with Khaled on a flyer
Survive zombie apocalypse throw dollars in the fire
Slash hired for verses over ballads with Mariah
Slash rapid fire degenerate slash Messiah
Slash pariah cause riots when I’m quiet
Self centered with a short temper when I’m tired
Slash biased slash Demi-God Hercules
33rd degree slash seminars don’t work for me
Slash purpose on this earths surface slash word perfect
Make these birds nervous since the day they first heard it
Slash closest to God the man next to Buddha
Executioner Lex Luger barracuda on a scooter
Slash imperial majesty dressed casually
Talk shit congratulations u the next casualty
Finesse happily slash never rapping haphazardly
Not The path for me my soldier clash with cavalry
Slash born militant passport filling up
Blast off a villain slash 24 cylinders
Slash agitator gift of gab elaborator
Slash Jada to the Kiss when he kills a collaborator