Sobhhi – Yea, I Disappeared Lyrics

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[Intro: Anonymous voice]

Why am I this way? I don’t know, just to… It’s just, like… It’s something that… That I crave. Ahh, I don’t know

[Part I: Sobhhï]

Yes, I disappeared
After I promised I’d be here
Promised I’d be here, yea
It’s been two years
Situation’s out of hand
Broken promises inside me

Inside me I’m trying to find me
I’m lost on the low
You can catch me
Catch me wandering

Passing through your city rolling all alone
Overthinking things you said I know, I know
I know, I know
Posted in your city on the top floor
In my feelings sideways on some overdose

[Bridge: Anonymous voice]

Sometimes I can be afraid of how I feel

[Part II: Sobhhï]

Yea, I disappeared
Rolling with my suitcase
Taking all my fears, yea
Goin’ on two years
Did it all alone, still the only one here, yea

And yea I shed some tears
Still having nightmares goin’ on two years, yea
Growing on two years
4AM thoughts tryna keep ‘em out my ears, yea

And all I really wanted was to see you
Be there so I could feel you move
I’m tired of my own self-control
I’m tired of being on my own
Spending too much time alone
Thinking of all the things
I don’t do

I don’t do, I don’t do